Meadows Family Farms
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North Carolina Grassfed Beef Farmer Kenneth Strader

“The way forward lies buried in our past.
We must uncover it.” – Anonymous

North Carolina Grassfed Beef GRASS FED

We are a family farm dedicated in all that we do to honoring our ancestors. Through honest industry and diligent labor, they have made it possible for us to provide for ourselves and our community by simply continuing a way of life that we love. Grassfed beef in North Carolina is the best NC grass fed beef.

Meadows has added a s a NEW product to their line of healthy, tasty treats.  We are now carrying a Leaner Cut of Ham Bacon.  Their is virtually NO grease and NO shrinkage of the product.  The taste, well you’ll just have to try it and see for yourself.   We always appreciate your feedback, so let us know what you think about our new addition by joining us on Facebook.

Gift Cards and Gift Boxes

Starting October 24, 2012, Meadows will be making gift cards and gift boxes available to those of you who would like to share some of our products with family and friends.  We will have 3 different gift boxes; a breakfast box, lunch box, and dinner box.  We’ll also customize it to fit you needs.  At this time we’ll only be accepting orders via phone or email.  So call or email us today and share some of our delicious product with those you love.

North Carolina Grassfed Beef

Introducing the Meadows Family Farms COW POOL

Our COW POOL is designed to allow friends and family to purchase Meadows Family Farms grass fed beef together and save money. Get 4 of your friends together and order a whole beef. Our farm will split the beef into 4 equal portions and deliver it boxed and ready to fill your freezer. 100% grass fed beef in NC.  Grass fed beef in North Carolina.