Grass Fed


Two years ago we made the decision to opt out of the industrial model of agriculture. We began to explore methods of growing our beef, pork, poultry, and crops without the use of genetically modified seed, chemicals, fungicides and pesticides. By investigating and learning how the first and second generations on our farm succeeded in production without the use of these expensive inputs, we found that not only could we do without agri-chemicals, but our land thrived, our water quality improved and the animals in our care seemed to show marked improvement in health and productivity.

Today, our Black Angus beef is grown without hormones and antibiotics. From birth to dispatch, they are fed only on their mother’s milk and a diet rich in grass and legumes only. Our beef is 100% grassfed and finished. We no longer use corn or small grains to supplement our feeding regimen.We have taken the land previously committed to row crops like corn and soy beans and coverted it to pastureland. Growing cattle exclusively on good pasture creates a very lean, tender and healthy beef.

We are in the early stages of our pork and poultry programs, but we are applying these same principles to growing our pigs, chickens and turkeys. We allow our pigs and poultry free range and do not confine them to cages or growing pens. While we do supplement both our pigs and poultry with grains, they are only fed from the crops grown on our farm.

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